The Dutch Engels Studio

Yvonne (the Dutch) and Jason (the Engels) work in collaboration as Dutch-Engels, seeking to express "Everyday Wonders" in a form accessible to everyone.

Inspiration is taken from parallel earlier lives, each deeply influenced by their early years. Yvonne’s affinity with the more constant Dutch shorelines, and Jason’s with that of the wild and variable Cornish coast, are at once similar, yet worlds apart. The art created from these seemingly similar backgrounds demonstrates the duality of the geography, and therefore, experiences.

In addition to the geology of the locations riven into their memories, so too, does the coastal water play a major part. The quieter, serene, waters of the Dutch seaside are reflected in the calm, organised and feminine nature of Yvonne, whilst the playful, and often rumbustious, charm of the Cornish sea is more indicative of Jason’s creative energy and exuberance.

Observation is ever more keen because one half of the collective mind remains fresh to each experience. Travelling together as husband and wife, material has become more diverse, enriching their subject and adding new poignancy to existing aspects of their art.

Ideas formed by one partner, may be developed by the other, and brought to life by either, as they notice and record the natural and contrived world, taken for granted, overlooked and forgotten.

Moving through separate lifetimes, creativity has been expressed by both Yvonne and Jason in their respective commercial enterprises - albeit through very different outlets: Jason attracted to invention and design and Yvonne to the workplace psyche, in communicating with people to recreate organisations and systems.

Their meeting provoked a fusion of minds and ideas. Ideas that result in large pieces expressing moments in time, moments of journeys - either behind glass or naked and open to the world. Moments that start with seemingly mundane experiences, caught as digital images and shared with their Instagram followers.

They take the digital image, curate, decode and make it analogue through print and paint – the connection they share culminating in the physical art, sitting in vivid contrast to its digital birth.